Unique hand-painted pots customized for your home or garden

aborigonal dots
yellow dots
border leaves
square swirl
green swirls
sun swirls
chocolate swirls

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San Francisco, CA 94132
P: (415) 452-4270

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About Us

earthpots' mission is to put a smile on your face, to brighten your day, and to awaken you from your daily routine. Realize the beauty that surrounds you! We have been sharing our gifts of hand-painted pots since 2002. Each one represents a canvas encompassing the elements most important to us: earth and life. All of our pots are sealed and decorated with durable paint to withstand the elements of an outdoor garden. Our designs interpret the simple and complex nature of earth as well as the diverse cultures of our world. Each pot is unique. We don't use stencils, stamps, or fancy gadgets to paint your earthpot. We simply use a paintbrush, steady hand, and a creative spirit!

Tentative Events for 2019

Past events include: Portola Garden Tour, SFBGS Summer Gardening Fair, Adobe Trunk Show, Annual Elf Market in Pacifica